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Individual, Couples, and
Group Therapy

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Individual Counseling - You get one-on-one attention.  You pick your goals (e.g. understanding yourself better, making changes, improving relationships, handling stress better, finding your purpose, or improving your self-esteem) and we work as a team.   You set the pace of therapy.  I provide support, understanding, validation and honest feedback.   I can offer homework assignments and make specific suggestions if you would like.
Couples Counseling -
Have you noticed any of these signs of distress:
  • Fighting or increase in fighting
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Not feeling connected emotionally
  • Unhappy
  • Needs not being met
  • Living as roommates
Couples counseling can help you explore your conflict and understand what happens when you are not connecting.  I teach effective communication skills for couples.  You can learn how to appreciate each others strengths and support each other in your respective growth areas.   The best time to go to couples therapy is NOW- before you are in a crisis and planning a divorce.
Group Counseling - Sometimes people "get it," understand what they do, intellectually, but have trouble applying what they've learned in real life.  Group is a safe place to practice what you've been working on in individual therapy or couples therapy.  In real life, things happen quickly and you might not notice your own behavior.  In group therapy, we can slow it down and help you notice your behavior and get feedback from the group. Group offers a chance to feel like you are not alone with your issues and you are not "crazy" or abnormal.
Group provides a chance to find out how you truly come across to others and if there are any subconscious ways you may be pushing others away.

Group therapy is not individual therapy with 8 people, where you just watch and listen to other people's problems.   Instead, there is focus on interpersonal dynamics: how you relate to people, react to them, and express yourself.

When someone is interested in group counseling, I consider many variables to find the right group for them,  e.g. age, place in life, functioning, similar issues.   I match people to the best group for them.
ScreamFree Parenting is a radically new approach to parenting that encourages and teaches parents to take care of themselves and their marriage, while creating loving and understanding relationships with their children.  I use the principles of ScreamFree Parenting to help clients improve their self-confidence and create healthy parent-child relationships.

ScreamFree Parenting emphasizes helping parents focus on the one thing they have the most control over: themselves.   Once a parent learns to stay calm and connected, they become much more influential with their children.
I provide parenting classes based on the principles of ScreamFree Parenting.