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Trying to find a psychotherapist can be a daunting task. I encourage people to call and ask me questions before they set up an initial appointment. You often will not know if your therapist's personality will fit with yours until after you have met in person. At the end of the first session, you can decide if you would like to set up the next appointment.

Aside from a therapist's credentials (a psychotherapist should have at least a Master's degree and be licensed to practice in the state where they work) and experience, an important consideration is how you feel your therapist "clicks" with you. Do your personalities mesh? Are you looking for a therapist who is quiet or one who is more interactive and offers specific feedback?

All contact with me is strictly confidential. That includes initial phone calls and consultations. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am bound by certain rules of confidentiality. (see NASW Code of Ethics ). Those rules dictate that I can not disclose any information about you without your written consent, except in certain, specific situations where I believe there is an imminent danger. See my HIPPA privacy policy. Basically, what that means is if your spouse, or your ex, or your employer asks about you, I can not give them any information, without your consent. I would be happy to discuss the limits of confidentiality with you if you have any questions about that.

Once we've scheduled an initial appointment, you can print up the New Client paperwork, fill it out, and bring it to our first session. New Client Packet (PDF file).

Fees are $135./50 minute session.  I do not file with insurance companies.   If you would like a medical receipt, one can be provided, which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For more information or to schedule an initial appointment call 404-275-9658.